Thursday, August 30, 2018

Take Action to Stop Child Sex Abuse by Catholics.

Open Letter to Humanity; 

Following the Rejection of Martin Luther’s Reformation of
1517, Catholics have managed to achieve the lofty status as the
Largest Child Sex Abuse Ring in Human History.

Protecting Pedophiles = Sexual Abuse, RAPE of Children.
500 hundred Years of Protecting Pedophiles. 1238 Pope put married priests in prison.
The Abuse did not magically start in 1940,
previous victims are dead, but Catholics are guilty of that abuse.  
Celibacy provides a hiding place for Homosexuals.
Celibacy provides a Target Rich hiding place for Pedophiles.

You should have Reformed when offered the opportunity.

Now that the long cherished activities of the Priest, Bishops, Nuns, Monks, and Cardinals have been revealed to the general public,
Reform is still and once again needed.

But: Times have Changed, It is too late.
Evolution has been proven true.
DNA, genetics, CRISPR; GMPs walking around, (genetically modified people.)
Man Created God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Change, Turmoil and religious Violence.
Time to close down the Vatican and stop the Catholic Child Sex Abuse Church.
Close US Embassy to Vatican City State.

Largest Child Sex Abuse Ring in History:
Action needed:
1 Declare them to be: International Sex Offender;
2 Close US Embassy to Vatican.
3 Remove Tax exemptions. 
4 Stop parishes Raping Children.
5 Catholic Child Sex Abuse Church. Close the doors.

Write, call, your State and Federal Representatives,
and your State Attorney General and
demand action to protect Children and stop Catholic Pedophiles.
A major problem is that too many Officials are Catholic
and have been and are part of the Cover up. 

Take Action to Stop Child Sex Abuse by Catholics.
© 2018 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Jews are Not Special

Not all criticism of Israel, or Jews, or Hebrews can be classified as a Bad thing.
Please stop pouring my tax dollars down the 
Welfare Rat Hole of Israel.

Jews have Created a Narrative that is used as Social and Political Blackmail.
We are special and must not be criticized. We are special and must receive special treatment.
Hebrew Race.  Jews those who practice Judaism. 
Propaganda ploy to combine race and religion.
The False Narrative that Jews are above criticism, not true, False.   

Jews are not special.  Reality. 
This false narrative is enforced by the anti-criticize league of the Jews.

“The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by Ilan Pappe   2000 yr old Palestinian, Muslim, villages wiped off the land of Palestine; Historical Genocide by Jews.
The lesson learned and used by Jews from WWII: 
VIOLENCE, take what you want.
Numerically: 75 Million people died in WWII. 
The Jews are not special because of WWII.
Est. 4.8 Million Jews died, not all in camps. 140,000 German Jews died in WWII.

The propaganda, the advertising of the Jews, takes the high estimate and rounds Up.
An advertising trick and a dishonest representation of the facts to promote self.
Typical behavior of the human animal. The Jews are not special.

One must recognize the Propaganda of the Jews.  One sided, hypocrisy. 
Hebrew people same as Jews- Jewish Religion, No.
Propaganda ploy so neither the people nor the religion can be criticized.

The stench of burnt offerings informs the present of the stupidity of Old Judaism.
The circumcision of babies as a contract with a God,  
informs the present of the stupidity of New Judaism.
Over 2000 years ago the 2nd Temple and the Ark, the contract with God was destroyed.
So Judaism had to be reinvented by Jews, by men. 

75 Million people died in WWII       

The Jews are not special.
12 Million people died in camps in WWII  
 The Jews are not special.
5 Million people died in prison camps in WWII.   
The Jews are not special.
26 Million Russians died in WWII.  
 The Jews are not special.
9 Million Germans died in WWII.      
The Jews are not special.

4.8 Million Jews died, estimated.
The inflated figure is a Jewish rounding up of the high estimate;
Jewish Propaganda.  Lies by Jews. 

There isn’t more Anti-Semitism, but because of Social Media, free speech is available to everyone and the Propaganda of the Status Quo is broken.
The Fake news that Israel is great and wonderful and that all Jews are above reproach
is no longer the controlled story of Corporate Media. 

A walled armed ghetto for Jews, by Jews; Israel.
And two ghettos for Muslims within the Jewish ghetto.

And Evolution has been proven true.  DNA, genetics, CRISPR used to help people.
Times have changed.   Reality is harsh and has won.  The Jews are not special.

Human Era of Evolutionary Science/Medicine.
The principles, ideas of Evolution are being used today to help people.  
the outdated superstitions of the past are dying; including Judaism.
Change, turmoil and probably religious violence.  Amen.  

The current crop of Gods and Religions are dead, they just haven’t figured it out yet.
Change turmoil; religious violence.

Evolution is true; Religion, Faith, Belief is Fake, Fantasy, stupid crap.
The Jews are not special. 

© 2018