Saturday, May 31, 2008

Roman Child-Abuse Church

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years in countries all around the world sexually abusing children, quite possible the largest child sex abuse ring in the history of the world.
In the year 1238 the pope was putting married priest in prison and selling the children and wives into slavery.
It is easy to recognize that as child abuse; and in all likely hood child sex abuse and the sex abuse of women.
There is no reason to think that the recent revelations of child-sex abuse, limits the abuse to this generation. This activity started in 1238 and probable has continued in one form or another for the intervening 772 years.

We now know that the RCC maybe the largest child sex abuse ring in the history of mankind. (hundreds and hundreds of years, in countries all around the world; and it still continues)
Largest child sex abuse ring in the history of man.
The RCC.
The Roman Child-abuse Church.

100s and 100s of years of child sex abuse
in countries all around the world
the largest child sex abuse ring in history
the roman child abuse church.
the RCC.
Keep up the good works

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Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

The ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians continues.
As an American citizen I have long opposed the USA financing the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians by the Jews. Most people can understand the desire for the Jews to find a place in which they are not hated and killed, but Palestine was and is not that place.
The US taxpayer has wasted billions of dollars supporting the radicalized Jews occupying Palestine. This is a sunk cost. No amount of money spent in the future will improve the problem as long as the radicalized Jews continue the campaign of ethnic cleansing. This area will continue to be the most destabilizing entity in the world.

It is far past time for the western supporters of the Jews to stop wasting money on a religious dream that has long ago proven false. No amount of money poured down a rat hole solves a problem.

The artificial religious democracy was doomed to fail, before the first shot was fired by the invading Jews. Because it is based on a fantasy world of religion, it was, is, and will always be a failure. The atrocities the Jews have committed against the Palestinians do not reflect favorably on Judaism or religion in general. (stealing their land, houses, businesses and lives)

This chapter of history is one more example of human society failing when based on a single dominant all powerful religion. It is long past time for this chapter to end.

Please stop wasting my tax dollars.

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a Simple Historical Truth ManCreatedGod

Man Created God.
Amen, Amen, Amen!

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