Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Middle East Conflict, Jews murdering Muslims

Of course the settlements will continue the jews want it all.

First step to peace; stop pouring my tax dollars down the rat hole of Israel.

As long as the US keeps paying
Radicalized Religious Welfare Jews
to murder Muslims the religious idiots in Iran fit right in.

Israel is not a real democracy just a fake religious fantasy democracy,
for the super race of jews.

Of course the peace plans are in limbo: again and always,
so the Ugly step children of Hitler can continue the ethnic cleansing of the Muslims.
This peace plan negotiation repeats itself, duh.

Please stop pouring my tax dollars down the rat hole of Israel.

Stop the insanity. Yahweh, YHVH, Adonai; was invented by rag headed goat herders living in caves.
A fantasy world of religious stupidity. ( ManCreatedGod Amen, Amen, Amen)
Radicalized, Religious, Welfare Jews, Terrorists.

The radicalized ugly step children of Hitler have taken humanity back to the never ending rounds of religious war.
The most destabilizing entity in the world since its fraudulent inception.

Israel is an embarrassment for the U.S.
Israel is an embarrassment to humanity.
(because they fail to learn from their mistakes; the lesson that violence and ethnic cleansing is not an answer, a lesson that Hitler, a crazy man tried to teach them and they failed to learn, they instead followed in Hitler’s footsteps: thus the Ugly Step Children of Hitler)

The USA must stop our support of Israel or continue to waste time and money. The promise of rebuilding the temple is in the same realm of being rewarded with virgins, FANTASY!

Weak-minded religious idiots killing weak-minded religious idiots; and my tax dollars are paying for it. WHY? Why am I paying jews to murder muslims?
Separation of church and state should also apply to the US foreign policy.

Israel is an embarrassment to the USA and to humanity!

The USA should have dope slapped the radicalized religious welfare jews decades ago.
“Stop acting like Hitler.”
Hitler exterminated about 11 to 17 million humans
About 3 million were jews in camps, mostly Polish.
About another 2.75 jews were killed by other means. (shot and dumped in a ditch)

So; 11 million good people who were not jews were exterminated by Hitler
About 24 million Soviets died.
About 8 million Germans died. (only 160,000 German jews)
Jews are not special are not better than Palestinians.

WWII was a horrendous massacre for humanity, 70 million people died.
It does not excuse the actions of the Israeli jews. The ugly step children of hitler.
Violence and ethnic cleansing did not work for Hitler.
Violence has not and will not work for Israeli jews, the ugly step children of hitler.
Jews who did not learn the lessons Hitler tried to teach them.

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