Monday, March 22, 2010


The NON-VIOLENT INVASION of the USA; (oops, pc-- Immigration)

This is a real threat to the sovereignty of the US.
Overpopulation is not a solution to any of our problems nor is “illegal citizenship”.
We cannot solve the overpopulation problems of all the other countries of the world; including Mexico.

We tried this legalization approach before and it did not solve our problems, it did not stop the non-violent invasion. It only increased our population and increased our problems.

(This non-violent invasion has been more successful than the Israeli invasion of the Middle East conflict. Please stop pouring my tax dollars down rat hole of Israel.)

The Non-Violent invasion of the USA :
is a greater threat to us than Iraq or Iran ever could be.
Close the boarder to illegal immigration, to invasion and expel all illegal immigrants (most will leave on their own) and their back door children.
If they do not have:
- Jobs
- Housing
- Free food
- Free health care

Substantial fines for anyone who provides jobs, housing, refuge to illegal aliens. (providing help to a criminal).
Illegal wet-back latinos are not a solution to our problems, and the never ending supply of illegal wet-back latinos is a source of problems and overpopulation.

Please use common sense to protect the average law abiding, hardworking US citizen.

The world is over populated and the sovereignty of the USA and security of each citizen is at risk of being destroyed by uncontrolled, illegal immigration, invasion.

If they want a better life then they should stay in their own countries and work for a better life and stop bringing their problems to our country. If you can’t feed them don’t breed them.
Stop making excuses for these criminals and protect the sovereignty of the USA.
If we do not take a stand more violence will take place.

NONE of our problems will be solved by OVER POPULATION,
for the USA or for the World.

© 2010

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