Monday, February 7, 2011

Invasion Control

Foreign/ Migrant Workers Program-- Invasion Control.
(non-violent invasion of the USA) (over population is not an answer) (wage slaves for profit)
The un-armed invasion of the USA by an army of foreign nationals is a clear and present danger to the sovereignty of the USA.

1. An employer who wants migrant workers (non citizens of the USA, for wage slave labor) must be approved and registered.
2. An employer who wants migrant workers (non citizens of the USA) must request a certain number of workers for a certain time frame for specified work.
3. If no requests are made then no workers will be allowed into the USA.
4. An employer must provide approved transportation to and from the approved job.
5. The employer must report weekly/daily the migrant workers at a location.
a. A migrant worker card swipe or finger print scan or iris scan.
6. The employers requesting and using migrant workers will be taxed to pay 100% for the migrant worker program.
7. The employer must pay the minimum US hourly wage.
a. Housing, food, clothing or any other incidentals cannot be deducted from wage slaves’ pay.
8. Employers must pay for medical treatment for injuries resulting from accidents during employment and directly related to work; any other medical costs are to be paid by the worker.
a. State Workers Compensation insurance cannot be applied to foreign nationals.
9. Any employer not following the regulations will be penalized $5,000.00 a day for each illegal worker.
10. An employer may or may not provide housing and food for the workers. This must be indicated on the worker request.
a. If an employer fails to provide housing or food as advertised then they will be fined $5,000.00 a day for each worker.
11. A Foreign/Migrant worker must apply for and be certified to work temporarily in the USA.
a. A work card will be issued to an approved migrant worker.
b. Identification will be by finger print or iris scan and picture.
12. A certified migrant worker may apply for a position requested by an employer.
a. Once a migrant worker is approved for a position they may be given permission to enter the USA and travel to that location.
b. A migrant worker must apply for and be approved to travel to any subsequent jobs and locations.
c. If a migrant worker who has reached the time limit or no longer has an approved job to travel to; must leave the USA within 5 days the approved job has ended.
d. A card swipe or finger print scan at the boarder will provide proof that the migrant worker is complying with the regulations.
13. A migrant worker must report weekly/daily their location and disposition in the US.
a. A Card swipe or finger print scan, at an employer’s location.
b. Possibly a GPS device to track location; ankle bracelet like a criminal.
14. Migrant workers who are not legal US citizens may not live permanently in the USA.
15. Migrant workers may not bring non working family members into the USA. Only approved workers may enter.
16. Children born in the USA, to Migrant workers are not Citizens of the USA.
a. All women will be tested for pregnancy.
b. Pregnant women will not be allowed to enter the USA as migrant workers
c. Pregnant Migrant Workers will have work assignments terminated and will be expelled from USA.
17. Migrant workers are not eligible for free education, free housing, and free medical care paid for by the general US population.
18. Migrant workers are responsible for all food, housing, transportation and medical care not provided by the approved employer.
19. Any Migrant worker found illegally in the USA should hit with a sharp stick and immediately deported.
a. All legal US citizens must support this process or face fines and imprisonment.
20. A migrant worker may not work within the USA more than 120 days in any one calendar year.
21. A migrant worker must speak Basic English before being approved for work within the USA.
22. All migrant workers will be tracked starting at the border entry and ending at the border exit. If they fail to comply with the regulations their approved worker status will be permanently rescinded and they should be hit with a sharp stick.
23. Alternative method of Invasion control will be machine gun nests along the US border.
Politicians who favor illegal wet back Latinos over the rights of US citizens and the security of the USA should be hit with a sharp stick. Over population is not an answer to any or our problems.

The un-armed invasion of the USA by an army of foreign nationals is a clear and present danger to the sovereignty of the USA.
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