Friday, December 27, 2013

Jokes about Jews:

After God made the Jews he tossed his cookies. They were chocolate chip with nuts. 

Where you Madoffed?
Where you Madoffed by the jewish T Bill?  
Where you a jew who was jewed by a jew?

Remember the Holocaust, might makes right.
Bombing Gaza is not like Hitler bombing the ghetto.

Palestine has always been a safe place for jews.   

When you tell a 13 year old child they are an adult 
and then give them thousands of dollars 
you end up with a weiner.

A jew was on his way to the store on main street and ended up on east 3rd.
The wind was out of the West at 20 mph.
It took 3 sailing tacks to get back to main.

Nun did not know she was pregnant. Every sperm is sacred, an RCC church miracle.
He Died twice. A jewish miracle, the big nosed brain dead ugly fat bastard.

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