Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for self-destruction

I am thankful that England defeated the Spanish Armada.
Otherwise the USA could have been just like Mexico,
Then where would they run to for a better life.

The Church of England defeated the
Spanish Roman Catholic Child-Sex-Abuse Church.

Martin Luther’s Reformation, King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth;
Industrial Revolution; thanks Britain.

If not for that defeat we could still be riding around in Ox carts watching our neighbors being burned alive at the stake to save their soul. A faith based initiative.

Now the RCC church is self-destructing because their institutionalized sexual abuse of children is being exposed, drip, drip drip.  100s & 100s & 100s of years in countries all around the world.
Martin Luther, burn alive to save soul, Institutionalized Sex Abuse:  long line of self-destruction.

The Church of England should not be guilty of sex abuse by association, by showing support for the RCC church, by not publicly condemning the RCC church’s institutionalized sex abuse.  ©2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Socially Accepted Insanity

A radicalized religious group wants to reestablish a long dead religious state in the Middle East.
Israel and ISIS.

2000 yrs long dead, failed, Judaism.
100 yrs long dead, failed, Islam.

The states failed, the religions failed, their God failed.

 © 2014 

Friday, September 26, 2014


Israel has disappeared.

In weeks of news stories about the USA creating an alliance of Middle East allies to bomb ISIS, absolutely no mention of our great and glorious ally.

Why? Why the conspiracy of silence? Complete censorship.

Useless ally, Israel is.

A welfare Queen but not an ally.

Please stop pouring my tax dollars down the welfare rat hole of Israel.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Desperate Denial

Creationism (theistic evolution, evolutionary creationism):
Invented by the desperately religious to counter
the overwhelming evidence that has
proven Evolution.

The Religious have given up on defending “days” as the time frame for the fantasy of Creation.
Of course there is still blind faith in the scribbling of rag headed men living in caves.
The socially accepted insanity of religion continues, because it is written down.

All of the missing links
and DNA
and common sense
all prove Evolution
and prove Religion, Faith, Belief to be
Some kind of Crazy.
© 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Self Mutilation, defeated

The destruction of the contract with god; the temple;
twice was a defeat for Judaism.
They had to resort to circumcision as a terrible contract with god.
The self-mutilation of a religious tribe.
Superstition to enforce a sense of belonging to a group.
Yet it remains a daily reminder of the defeat of Judaism.
Judaism destroyed and re imagined.
Survival, mutilated but not a victory.

© 2014

Pedophile employer

Largest employer of Pedophiles.
Largest employer of Homosexuals.

Roman Catholic, Child Sex Abuse, Church. 

A crisis of faith.
·         A brief encounter with sanity.
·         Touching reality as if it were a hot stove.
·         Escape from brain washing.
·         Putting a toe into the sea of life.
·         Escape from mental prison.
·         Throwing off the chains of control

Religion has too long influenced humanity.
The socially accepted insanity of religion has too long influenced humanity.
Stop the insanity.

© 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

More Evils

As an independent I vote for the lesser of two evils.

We need more evils. (to choose from.)


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Self-aware thinking human animals.

As sentient beings our gut fear of death desperately drives us
to the fantasy of religious insanity (belief in something that does not exist: insanity):
a false hope of life after death: a fantasy of religious insanity.

To stop the insanity of weak minded religious idiots
killing weak minded religious idiots (jewish middle east conflict, war on terrorism)
we need to find a desirable alternative to religion.
A real hope, a real optimism while we are alive.

A hope, an attitude that does not lead to mass hatred and violence
based on the insanity of religion,
based on the childish emotional fear of death.

© 2014