Saturday, June 7, 2014

Self Mutilation, defeated

The destruction of the contract with god; the temple;
twice was a defeat for Judaism.
They had to resort to circumcision as a terrible contract with god.
The self-mutilation of a religious tribe.
Superstition to enforce a sense of belonging to a group.
Yet it remains a daily reminder of the defeat of Judaism.
Judaism destroyed and re imagined.
Survival, mutilated but not a victory.

© 2014

Pedophile employer

Largest employer of Pedophiles.
Largest employer of Homosexuals.

Roman Catholic, Child Sex Abuse, Church. 

A crisis of faith.
·         A brief encounter with sanity.
·         Touching reality as if it were a hot stove.
·         Escape from brain washing.
·         Putting a toe into the sea of life.
·         Escape from mental prison.
·         Throwing off the chains of control

Religion has too long influenced humanity.
The socially accepted insanity of religion has too long influenced humanity.
Stop the insanity.

© 2014