Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for self-destruction

I am thankful that England defeated the Spanish Armada.
Otherwise the USA could have been just like Mexico,
Then where would they run to for a better life.

The Church of England defeated the
Spanish Roman Catholic Child-Sex-Abuse Church.

Martin Luther’s Reformation, King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth;
Industrial Revolution; thanks Britain.

If not for that defeat we could still be riding around in Ox carts watching our neighbors being burned alive at the stake to save their soul. A faith based initiative.

Now the RCC church is self-destructing because their institutionalized sexual abuse of children is being exposed, drip, drip drip.  100s & 100s & 100s of years in countries all around the world.
Martin Luther, burn alive to save soul, Institutionalized Sex Abuse:  long line of self-destruction.

The Church of England should not be guilty of sex abuse by association, by showing support for the RCC church, by not publicly condemning the RCC church’s institutionalized sex abuse.  ©2014