Sunday, March 29, 2015

Desperation of religiously insane.

Theory of Evolution proven true.
Religion is a Hoax.
Rag headed men in caves invented God.
Man Created God. Amen. Amen.

Burn people alive to save their soul. Amen.
Attend Mass, rape a child, save a soul. Amen.
Faith based initiatives.

Wet dreams.
Magic underwear. Later Day Mormon Saints. 

Rag headed man, cave dreams
Invents Islam. 

So called “P” scholars rewrite Abraham story.
Because: Contract with God destroyed, Second Temple destroyed.
Therefore: Religion, destroyed, God destroyed, God defeated and worthless.
Change Contract with God to be circumcision; sexual mutilation of innocent babies; controllable and religion reborn and can now continue as a real fake. Judaism. 

Marin Luther’s Reformation failed but succeeded in destroying Monopoly of RCC church in Europe.
Celibacy creates a convenient hiding place for Pedophiles.
No more burning, just 100s and 100s of years of child sex abuse in countries all around the world. 
Sex Offender, the RCC church. 

Hindus; 300 gods some with multiple appendages; what is not to laugh at.

Yes they all worship the same God in their own way.
Make believe imaginary magical friend.     

Weak minded religious idiots, all!

The socially accepted insanity of religion has too long influenced humanity.
Please stop pouring my tax dollars down the welfare rat hole of Israel.

© 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

Theory Proven

Theory of Evolution Proven.
Religion is a Hoax. 

Delusional, some kind of crazy.