Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bastardization of Christianity; Catholic Cult.

Catholicism not a Christian Religion: pope does not speak as a Christian.

Martin Luther’s Reformation failed. Celibacy won, Homosexuals won. Frontline Secrets of Vatican
Celibacy provides hiding place for Homosexuals and Pedophiles; not Christian.
Books of Apocryphal, Catholic bible; not Christian Bible.
Praying to holy mother mary, Rosary; not Christian.
Praying to little gods, saints; Not Christian.
Clergy forgiving sins: not Christian.
Office of pope, not Christian.
Purgatory, and paying to get out: Not Christian.
Burning people alive at the stake to save their soul; Not Christian.
Institutional, International, Rape of children; Not Christian.
Protecting Pedophiles, the Criminals; Not Christian.

Historically, Theologically, logically the RCC church is not a Christian Religion.

The pope is wrong.
The pope covered up Child Sex Abuse in Argentina.
The pope is hiding, protecting pedophiles in Italy.

The Pope is an International Sex Offender.
Catholics, Vatican, Holy See are International Sex Offenders
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