Monday, June 12, 2017


Muslim societies are so far behind Western Civilization,
it may take 500 years for the conversion to reality.
Much like the Native Americans, a Stone Age society that was so disrupted.

Spanish Catholic societies are not much better than Muslims societies.
Institutionalized Child Sex Abuse, 500 years, International Sex Offender: Catholics.
Continued rejection of Scientific Advancements.

CRISPR: Evolutionary Science ERA.
DNA Revolution.

Humanity is moving forward while so many are held back by Outdated Superstition.
A Great Divide between Reality and Fantasy of Religion.

Change, Disruption, Violence.
Violence is the life blood of Religion. Amen.

Social Media, Internet, has changed the equation.
Message is no longer controlled by the Old Out-Dated Establishment.
© 2017

Spanish Catholics in Mexico cut of more heads than ISIS.

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